"I've Got A Splitting Hedachi" lyrics - THE DICKIES

"I've Got A Splitting Hedachi"
(Phillips, Lee, Kaballero)

Well it's a chilly chilly evening
And you're burning with desire

Get it up, get it up, get it up and go

I've been doin calisthenics
Just to try to get in shape now

Get it up, get it up, get it up and go

The set is on and I'm watching a show
But I can do it if you really must know

I should of known by you actions
What you're disposition's geared for
But I've had a busy morning
And my cranium is getting sore
Because I've got a splitting hedachi
And I don't wanna serve you now
Oh, I've got a splitting hedachi

You said that you would give me head
But I'd rather watch Johnny instead

Well its pushin 2:30
And you're feelin really dirty yeah
You got my hand on my member
And you're tryin to get a tremor yeah

I can't stand it now the pain is so bad
But its the worst thing a guy ever had