"Killer Klowns" lyrics - THE DICKIES

"Killer Klowns"

Pt barnum said it so long ago
Theres one born every minute don't you know
Some make us laugh some make us cry
These klowns honey gonna make you die
Everybodys running when the circus comes into their town
Everybodys gunning for the likes of the killer klowns
From outer space...

The ring mast shouts "let the show begin"
Send in the klowns let them do you in
See a rubber nose on a painted face
Bringing genecide to the human race

Its time to take a ride on a nightmare merry go round
You'll be dead on arrival from the likes of the killer klowns from outer space...

Theres cotton candy in thier hands
Says the polka dotted man with a stalk of jacaranda
They're all diabolical bozos

All look around what do you see
Tell me what's become of humanity
From california shores to new york times square
Barnum and bailey everywhere
If you've ever wondered why the population's going down
Blame it on the plunder of the likes of the killer klowns from outer space...