"Who Do You Love" lyrics - THE DOORS

"Who Do You Love"
(Elias McDaniel)

I walked 47 miles on barbed-wire,
Got a cobra-snake for a necktie.
I built a house by the roadside,
Made of rattlesnake hide.
Got a brand new chimney up on top,
Made out of human skulls.
Come on baby take a walk with me,
And tell me who do you love?
Who do you love? [x3]

Tombstone head and a graveyard mind,
I'm just 22 and I don't mind dying.
Rode around the town with a rattlesnake whip,
Come on baby don't give me no lip.
Who do you love? [x3]

The night is dark, the sky was blue,
Down the alley the ice wagon flew.
Hit a bump, somebody screamed,
You should'a heard just what I seen.
Who, baby, who do you love?
What do you love, now?

Love, love, love me girl.
Love, love, love me darling.