"Carry Bag Man" lyrics - THE FALL

"Carry Bag Man"

I'm in love with the Carrier Bag Man
I love the Carrier Bag Man [2x]
Carrier bags strewn all around the room
Ah, the Carrier Bag Man- I am him
Coz I am the Carrier Bag Man - I am the carrier bag man

I've no time to sit comfortable down
But I still need armchairs round my home
To put carrier bags on

I am the Carrier Bag Man
Carry a bag man!

I don't make waves, I hide bags in graves
No cash is earned straight nowadays anyways
Please all you onlookers understand
So make gangway for Carrier Bag Man

I am Carrier Bag Man

(Megaphone rant)

When in town I keep head down
Kneel on the croft when the mariah comes round
Fat-assed workmen, I scurry around
There's few good places to hide bags behind

Coz I am Carrier Bag Man.
Carry a bag man!