"You've Never Seen Me Cry" lyrics - THE FLATLANDERS

"You've Never Seen Me Cry"

The windmills and the water tanks all stand on solid ground
The country mailman mutters as he motors into town
The sunlight came, the sunlight went, the stars came out to see
The way I laughed at the way I cried at the way you treated me

The ocean babe is watered down but these plains are high and dry
And though you've seen your share of dreams, you've never seen me cry

The windshield and the radio play sadly through the night
A crazy blazin' fallin' star just passed me on the right
The tail lights down the highway fade low and out of sight
And that farmer's dog can only bark but this cold north wind can bite

The windbreaks and the watersheds are growin' old this year
The moon breaks in a brand new song while I break in a tear
They say that all good things must end, they say what's done is done
And I guess I should be flyin' 'cause it's killin' me to run