"Paradox Hotel" lyrics - THE FLOWER KINGS

"Paradox Hotel"

We've got guests, plenty, they come and they go
I'm the friendly smile but nobody knows me
One checkin' in, the other checkin' in out
This house is nothing but a roundabout
We carry your bags and we clean your room
We polish the glasses, the forks and the spoons
We've got staff standing by
With people ready to die for you

Communication systems are state of the art
Educational prospects of getting smarter
"First class service" will cost you some more
We've got sexy "livestock" back in store
Just give us a call and we'll send them up
We've got satisfied guests all the way to the top
Bankers, lawyers and politicians
The guest is king, now that is our mission!!

It's a living Hell / at Paradox Hotel
Come live in Hell / at Paradox Hotel

Now if you're hung up on celebrities,
We've had them all, on that you can trust me
We know their little secrets and dirty lies
Their little filthy habits - this job is priceless!!!

The clock is tickin', day in, day out
Life in the fast lane this ol' roundabout
Some people are good, some people are bad
But we seem to remember all the fun we've had
We've had Picasso and Einstein too
Howard Hughes fell out of the blue
Hookers, liars and fancy folks
The wall street gamblers and their money talk.

A living Hell / at Paradox Hotel
Come live in Hell / at Paradox Hotel