"Psychedelic Postcard" lyrics - THE FLOWER KINGS

"Psychedelic Postcard"

The World is all in the hands of the Juggler,
He knows where ever the wind blows
Girls collecting their shells on the sea shore,
And soon the King's at the door
Bicycle riders they're flying so high on the grind,
The tournament sliders
Smalltown Cowboys just surfin the stars of the Grill,
Another cheap thrill that night
Send me a postcard from Land of the Lunies
Send me your greetings, the Drop Outs will tune in...

Naked horses they scatter the shells to the wind,
And dance on the graveyards
Arabs sealed to the cave of the Golden Scharade,
Now slaves to the shiver
Cigarrette ceilings, this curious feeling,
The Joker was more than a smoke in the jar,
Siluettos of Small Red Corvettos,
The Prince and Priestess, the Speed fetschettos

Makers, Brakers
Rainmen they dance the mountains top twilights
Shakers, Quakers
Mother Earth sleep with one eye open wide

Diggin' so deep but your senses are lost in sleep,
You're out of contraol child
You're so funny when Sandman went kissing you,
Every wizard need his dreamdust
Slowly burning, your secret of journey,
Keep it clean in the dream machine
Blue Marina, Kaleidoscopina, waterwell deeple dug,
Sweet Amorphina
Send me a post card from Land of the Lunies
Send me your greetings, the Drop Outs will tune in...
Send me your dream, one more to believe in
Send me a dream, realities lost and unseeen...

My Minds Eye still can see..., Can't take that away from me
In my Minds Eye I'll be free..., Freedom believer, Freedom deliver