"Rhythm Of The Sea" lyrics - THE FLOWER KINGS

"Rhythm Of The Sea"

Traffic lights says go, go, go but my
Destination is, I don't know
Just driving around, with a random turn
So that midnight lamp will keep on burning
The nightwatch is paying his midnight call
And the light dies down in the stores below

Final ways of killing time
Worn out jokes and silly rhymes
Hollow hearts on the radio talk
Down on luck, am I, that's not true
Trying that road by the waterfront
Lights went out and it all begun

The rhythm of the sea, it's the rhythm of life
The rhythm of the sea, that's home for you and me
Some will always go, with the undertow
With the rhythm, so stay with the rhythm
The rhythm of the sea

Baptize in the flood of the forgotten
Captain Flanellgrey goes to the bottom
As all rivers run to the sea
My name, Eternal, comes to me
I found I'm part of something huge
I'm part of every single move

The rhythm of the sea, I'm at the end of the road
That's where I wanna be, back to motherload...