"Road To Sanctuary" lyrics - THE FLOWER KINGS

"Road To Sanctuary"

Walk with me as long as we're together
Get your tickets to what is forever
Trades in loyalty and disengagement
First make sure that your business is hellbent

Then you are alone with the ghosts of the night
One Road may lead you to Sanctuary
Seeking the price of your heart and soul
You're still in doubt!!!

Step aside and you look at this rat race
Get some more to stuff in your fuzzface
Clear contender for wasting the best years
Your goldplated bones may rattle forever

Then you're alone with the dogs at the gate
One road may lead you to sanctuary
They'll still be playing Hockey in Hell
You're still in Debt!!!

On the fields of Green and Gold
On the hills out in my mind
That we watched and we played and we danced
That were pictured in the Sun

Words, thoughts & play that you constantly gave to me
Did I stop - did I stay - did I think
What the world would be?

How I've tried to define
What is love, in my mind
As we pass what is now
This "now" is suddenly history
Sliding thru the days
Making notes of a different kind
Did I stop - did I pray - did I love, Unconditionally

How hard to face you never see a breakingpoint
There's nothing such as finalized, we all must carry on
If time is constant
Rulers set the time, the time of day
But it hurts and it aches but it shines
And it celebrates!!!