"The Sum Of No Reason" lyrics - THE FLOWER KINGS

"The Sum Of No Reason"

Red sails in the morning - Black smoke's here to cloud the sun.
On target without a warning - No shelter - nowhere to run
They promise a piece of heaven - We'll "sit by the side of kings"
Now, looking like a crash-test dummy - Or a bird with broken wings

You don't know who sent you here - You can't see them pull the strings
I bet they've a damn good reason - I hope there is someone listening
I hope what they say is true - That God can see thru souls of men
And all the blood upon your window will be like teardrops in the rain

Black smoke rolling in and cloud the sky.
Didn't mommy tell you now that big boys never cry?
No one's getting out of here alive.
Dropped down in the frying pan - together we will fry.

Takes a lot of strength to stay insane.
This is just the trail of death and I'm the bird of prey.
I won't hold my breath for peace to come.
This is just the devils backyard and God is on the run.

Red rivers moving gently - Like mothers shed silent tears.
Gods angels are swimming upstreams - Left singing to silent ears.
They promised a place in heaven - We'd "walk by the side of Gods"
But we're still here with fractured wings - So you'll tell me what are the odds?

Heaven is a place where you can rest your feet.
Heaven is a place where wealthy people meet.
We can sell you Heaven - to the price of pain.
Line up when you can - 'cause prices go insane