"To Ramona"

Ramona come closer shut softley your watery eyes
The pangs of your sadness shall pass as your senses will rise
But the flowers of the city thou breath like yet death like the at times
There's no use in trying to deal with the dying
Though I can not explain that in rhymes

Your cracked country lips I still wish to kiss
Have to be by the touch of your skin
Your magnetic movements still capture the moments I'm in
It grieves my heart love to see you trying to be a part of a world that just don't exist
It's all just a scheme babe a vaccum of dreams that sucks you into feeling like this

I've heard you say many times that your better than no-one
And no-one is better than you
If you really believe that you know you have nothing to win and nothing to lose
From fixtures and forces and friends your sorrow does stem
They'll hype you & type & make you feel that you got to be just like them

I'd forever talk to you but soon my words would turn into a meaningless ring
For deep in my heart there's no help I can bring
Everything passes everything changes just do what you think you should do
Then someday maybe who knows baby I'll come and be crying to you