"None But I" lyrics - THE FRAMES

"None But I"

Who set this doubt in motion
Who brought the pillars down
Who made an empty promise of my town

Who rose to meet the morning
Who learned the river's name
Who told us our blood was not the same

Who set the heart's a-reeling
Who lead the push and shove
Who told us that our best was not enough

Oh not me said the one in waiting
Not me said the rising tide
Not me said the dying martyr
No not I

Who kept the blooded arrows
The relics and the shepherd's staff
Who turned the true believer to the fatted calf

Who knew before we started
How this would all play out
Who took the sense of reason from our minds

Oh not me said the solider marching
Not me said the bluer blood
Not me said the givers of beauty
No not us

Oh no me said the great homecoming
Not me said the dying light
Not me said the fading empire
It's none but I

None but I [4x]

Who made an empty promise
Who left us where we stand
Who knew the...

Who wrote the book of changes
Who takes the others down
Who hung the flag of empire above our town

None but I [4x]

Always remember
Always remember, you said [4x]