"True" lyrics - THE FRAMES


I find it so hard to be true
And all these lies I'm telling you
Are little anchors in my chest
That pull us down into this mess
I find it easy to distract
And just as soon as you turn your back
I'll be gone again

I find it so hard to be true
And all the secrets
I keep from you
Are like a blackness
In my heart
That only tears us both apart

I find it easy to pretend
That we're not heading
For our end
That's why I'm telling you..
I built a wall..
I cut you off..
Now there's no lies
That's gonna fix this up
I played the saint
And a saint I ain't
Now all the hurt is here again
Here again

I find it so hard to be true
But I'm gonna try my best for you
And every distance that we've known
Will disappear before too long
And every line we've ever drawn
Will be erased before we're gone
This I swear to you...

I built a wall
I cut you off
No there's no lie
That's gonna fix this hurt
I played the saint
I cursed your name
Now there's no-one but myself to blame
That you're gone...

[Backup vocals]
Could I have put it this way
It's wishing only
To see it's never too late
I'm feeling this works for me
And every word that you say
I got my heart out for you
And only wish that you'd wait
Till I was waving away
I know that I may have you
There's no more fire left in me
I'm breaking down all the walls
You slowly built around me
Why do you ask for my trust
When you're not worthy of it
I find it hard to adjust
Till I get it from me