"Stripper" lyrics - THE GAME

feat. Wale

[Verse One: The Game]
She got two jobs, work late, college courses on her plate
Never give head on the first date, always fighting in the workplace
She a stripper (stripper), she a stripper (stripper)
Them high heels, that black lace, that long weave and that fuck face
That pink thong and that slim waist, that fat pussy with that fruit taste
She a stripper (stripper), she a stripper (stripper)
I knew Maliah before Maliah went to H-Town and that's straight up
And that's straight down like that front do'
Ain't see that ass in a month though, Drake talking 'bout her
Make a nigga mad, you heard that song? Yeah, best that he ever had
She got hips like the kit on that Challenger, she got horsepower
Need stamina, Nicole Michael ain't no amateur, I tell you boy
She standing up, two legs and a pole, tri-pod, no hands, my god
She pop that pussy, UGK on that I-Pod, she got a dragon over that left cheek
She know Drake, she know me, had Sean Kingston in that trick bag
Had the little nigga down on one knee, need a real nigga
She don't fuck free, I'm Jesus Piece, she'll fuck me
Her co-workers discuss me but they all wanna fuck, trust me

[Chorus: The Game]
She a stripper (stripper), she a stripper (stripper)
She a stripper (stripper), she a stripper (stripper)

[Verse Two: The Game]
My niggas in the pen got posters on the wall
Close your eyes tight enough, you see tip drill fall
Two ass cheeks like bowling balls
Tell her bounce that pussy up off the wall
Picture me taking them panties off
She got an ass like a rhino and it's soft
She like a real hood nigga but her man is soft
Money take away the pain like Anbesol
When she on the strip pole, it's like Mardi Gras
That girl built like she from Arkansas, that pussy fat like a monkey jaw
Only bitches like me that I already saw
She started off in Miami, moved up to that A-Town
Make it rain like Skittles in that candy shop
It's her birthday, she getting cake now
Take it back down on to M.I.A, my little redbone
She the Queen of Diamonds, pop that pussy
Tryna get that pay, bitch almost died from that pole climbing
I admire the way she take care of son
So tell the waitress to take care of ones
Send flowers to the hospital in February
She been my favorite dancer since day one

[Chorus: The Game]
She a stripper (stripper), she a stripper (stripper)
She a stripper (stripper), she a stripper (stripper)

[Verse Three: Wale]
She the reason we all here, she the reason they all stare
People ask her government, her phone number or if it's all real
I ain't concerned with that now, I got a jar of that loud
I got a thing for that body baby and these dollars cover your ground
Realest niggas in town, Chuck scoop, we all LAX
I'm in the Lambo, sipping on brown, that's the highness way be on Crown
And I got the stadium clout where it gets Palladium wild
Pimp mack be crazy if I get the lady, know I tap, see the lady be on styles
That liquor talking and that zip is talking, bands a make her dance
What she gonna do if I Woodstock it?
My favorite stripper although I got some options
My niggas caught me in the club, they telling me I got a problem

[Outro: The Game]
On the first day, he said let there be light
The second day, he made you baby, you baby
Oooh and I just can't contain myself
The way you move so fucking edible, mmm incredible baby
And I can't stop catching the Holy Ghost from watching you baby
Oooh baby, the way you make me feel is so incredible
The therapy is what I need, incredible, the therapy is sweet to me
And I can't stop dropping my check off in this club for you baby, oooh oooh baby