"Paper Waves" lyrics - THE GATHERING

"Paper Waves"

Sun comes out - Wakes me up
Wanna sleep, need to sleep

Saw your face - In my dreams
Fade away, far away

Fade away, fade away

You took your time - Passing by
Smiles and tears -No one cares

Had you once -Now you're gone
Want you here, Need you near

Dreams and life it seems
Are crushing boundaries in me
Paper waves and seas - Ride the tide with me

Need to see - You're not far from me
I'm breaking time -Crossing lines

I start to run -to catch the sun
From falling down - and burn this town

I try to reach -You slip away
Can't you stay - Please just stay

Cold and warmth collide
Turning dark and light, inside
Nights we over fly - All logic gone awry

To know we might not meet again, I hardly bare to look at you
In all this mess we don't complain, we kind of always knew