"Old Friend Of Mine" lyrics - THE GRASCALS

"Old Friend Of Mine"
(Alan O'Bryant / Billy Smith)

To see you again, it all comes back
To the good old time we shared
Our first baseball games we played in the pasture
Back when we would still take a dare
We had fires with marshmellows
Dated sisters in high school
We created the phrase "raisin' hell"
The first time we left home
We did it together
But soon had to chose separate trails

I'm feeling now like I did way back then
When we were companions, and the world's greatest friends
It seems like forever, it's been a long time
Good to see you, old friend of mine

There is a room full of flowers, with friends and the family
Who all come to say there goodbyes
But old friend, you know, when it's your time to go
I'll be waiting on life's other side
Don't feel bad for me, I'm doing just fine
The only ones hurtin' are the ones left behind
But that's not forever, the hurt heals with time
I've got to leave you, old friend of mine
You know I love you, old friend of mine