"Big Guns" lyrics - THE HELLACOPTERS

"Big Guns"

Well, you think you're sitting pretty
But you're sitting on a powder keg
Well, you think you're standing steady
But you're weak as a matchstick leg
Well there's a rumble in the city
There's a call out for your head
Now isn't a pity
You're future's just a lump of lead

But now you're running scared you've got no place to run
You're caught between the law and the Big Guns


Well, it's a long way from the pool halls
To the rackets and the petty crime
Well, you thought you were a tough one
But you've bitten off too much this time
You've stepped on the wrong toes
Now look who you've upset
Well, you walked on the wrong turf
You got your picture on the police gazette

Well, now you're running scared, got no place to run
You're caught between the law and the - Big Guns


Your back's against a wall
You don't like it there at all
Now your world's about to fall
You got no friends you can call

Well, you never felt so gritty
Well, the sweat's pouring down your back
You're like a tiger in the jungle
And you can't find your way back
You haven't played your cards right
You hadn't seen the signs
Well, you tried to run the whole game
Now you've come to the end of the line

Well, now you're running scared
You've got no place to run
Now you're face to face with the Big Guns