"No Angel To Lay Me Away" lyrics - THE HELLACOPTERS

"No Angel To Lay Me Away"

Sun didn't rise this morning
Not a sign come noon
Heard the noise of a thousand voices
But no one else was in my room
Reached for my holy bible
But it seems as though I've lost my ways
Don't want no superstition to carry me down
Got the devil grinning in my face

Make me a pallet on your floor
Mama tell me what to do
Won't serve it to me right
C'mon and bring me good news
Help me get rid of these blues

Got me stuck by the wayside
In the wee, wee hours
Won't you spare this denier
From the brimstone and the fire
Lord won't you give me power
Don't want no angel to lay me away
No saint to worry my ol' mind
Write me no death letter
Bound for worse and not better
Jesus, don't leave me behind

No I don't need no headstone
Or writings on my grave
Break 'em on down - shake 'em on down
Lord knows I can't be saved
I'll never pray for no mercy no more
Or make amendments for my ways
I got time to reconsider
While I stay there and wither
With the devil grinning in my face