"Speedfreak" lyrics - THE HELLACOPTERS


Got to hurry, got to hurry
I don't believe you worry
Take it back, take it back
You know you can't do that
Don't want no sleep
Up for a week
Yes, I'm a speedfreak, speedfreak

Way too fast, way too fast
Gonna be the first and last
Shoot ya' down, shoot ya' down
Flamin' wreck you hit the ground
Up for a week
Don't need no sleep
'Cause I'm a speedfreak, speedfreak

No regrets, no regrets
You can't afford 'em yet
Comin' down, comin' down
Over, under, sideways, round
Up for a week
Playin' hide and seek
'Cause I'm a speedfreak, everlasting speedfreak