"Ramanda" lyrics - THE HIVES


She said you can have your way with me
(I don't know)
She said you will, you'll see
'Cause you get turned on by lookin' at me

To her boyfriend - go please leave her
I'll do anything to get her beaver
Once lost and now I'm falling deeper

So I said yes I really had her
In my dreams I thought I were
And I said marry me I'm waiting for your answer

She said come I wore her down
Like a mad man from another town
I felt dizzy my head was spinning round

Ra (3[2x])
Ramanda gives me all [4x]

In the shower washin' off my dick
I can hear a voice screaming
(Watcha doin' with my chick)
I can already feel the pain
And it's making me sick

Blinded by a fist I can't see
Please don't waste your knuckles on me
It's time for me to pay the prize for stupidity

Out the window from the second floor
My face got slammed against another door
I ran away and surely won't beg for more

I lost an eye but I'm ok
I'm looking forward to another day
Once again Ramanda's gonna walk my way

Ra (2[4x])
Ramanda gives me all [4x]