"The Legend Of Mother Swan" lyrics - THE HU

"The Legend Of Mother Swan"

Once upon a time
There was a bottomless blue lake
At the end of the world with
An uninhabited beautiful land
When the spring time came
The migrant birds returned to the lake, flying and singing
From far far away place
The old father lake was waving joyfully
When he saw his offspring, all grown up
He rejoiced all day long
He sang all night long
The time flied swiftly
Here came the middle of summer
What beautiful happiness
How joyful his waves
There was a female swan hadn't found her lover
She searched for him endlessly and found him lastly
They were delighted in their late found love
They loved each other as nothing else matters
A happy news of expecting came
Promised each other to be together forever
Married in their father lake, love and happiness followed
Seven offspring were born to them
How beautiful was life
How tasty was happiness
The sun goes down, here came the chill
The moon goes dark and hides behind the clouds
Fierce cold came and the water body chilled
Frozen the streams and the whole Earth
It was time to travel back to warm land, but her cygnets were too young
They tried so hard to fly with half-grown feathers
She took her young ones under her wings to save them from coldness
Sacrificed her life and left this world
As the fire of her eyes quenched, her tears stayed pouring
As the last breath left her body, her heartache was still there
Died in her tears for half-grown feathers
The Mother Swan
Departed in lullabying between sleeping and awake
The Mother Swan