"Rumors And Gossip" lyrics - THE INTERRUPTERS

"Rumors And Gossip"

Some people can be so vicious
A friend turned to a malicious witness
Ain't got no time for the judas kisses
It's like their loyalty never existed
And after everything I've done for them
How they keep my name in their mouth
I'll make 'em spit it out
I'm on to you ain't nobody gonna listen
You better keep your distance
Rumors and gossip, so sick and toxic
Lies and accusations, in heavy rotation
And I don't know what you want from me
In your alternate reality of rumors and gossip
You're too sick and toxic for me
You like to orchestrate dramatics
Maestro with the knife back-stabbin'
Covert character assassin
I'm bulletproof when your guns start blastin'
You feed off the pain, you're feeding off the worry
You gotta control the narrative
Wanna control the story
I'm on to you when nobody gonna listen
You better keep your distance