"Introduction By Art Blakey" lyrics - THE JAZZ MESSENGERS

"Introduction By Art Blakey"

[Intro: Art Blakey]
And at this time, ladies and gentlemen, for those of you that come in late, we are now having a little cooking session for Blue Note. Right here on the scene. Putting the pot on in here. And we'd like for you to join in with us and have a ball. To acquaint you with The Jazz Messengers. On the piano we have the incomparable Horace Silver. On the bass all the way from Motor City, ladies and gentlemen, one of the youngest and finest bass players into business today, our bassist Doug Watkins. And on tenor saxophone we have a new star on the modern jazz horizon, Hank Mobley. And on the trumpet we have a perennial favorite was with the profit of modern jazz Charlie Parker. Here's our arranger and now is our entrepreneur, the uncrowed king, ladies and gentelmen, Kenny Dorham. And this time we want to do a little thing, what's recorded before some of us playing up here, got into the world, beautiful thing entitled "Soft Winds"