"It (I Want It)" lyrics - THE KINKS

"It (I Want It)"

I want you to imagine that somewhere in America
There's a lovely housewife watching TV,
Doing her housework...

Hi there.
Are you feeling tired, drained of all energy?
Is your life becoming routine? Does your husband
Find you unattractive? Is your love life non-
Existent? Then you need "It". Because "It", like
You, is a product of our time. "It" will change your
Life. You'll be vibrant, elegant, sexy...

You want it.
Don't you?

Yeah, she's got it
Ooh, she's really got it

She was born part of a Fifty's dream
TV Generation, from the cradle to the teens
Mr. Rogers, I Love Lucy, and Mary Tyler Moore
Jackie Gleason, Honeymooners and Zsa Zsa Gabor
Green Acres, yeah that's what you're looking for
You're a product of these times, just like the people next door
Bigger house, bigger 'fridge, bigger washing machine
'Cos you're a consumer'n, baby, you're the advertiser's dream

That's alright, outta sight, you couldn't care less
You can put it on a VISA card or American Express
Tell the people what they want, then decide what they need
Advertise, merchandise, satisfy their greed
Bigger house, bigger 'fridge, bank loan, get a bigger car
You can sell them any old shit if it's endorsed by a movie star

TV's got a little piece to dictate
They said you'd believe it 'cos it's a #1 rating
You're the products that you buy, the consumer and the goods
And you want it so bad, you'd sell your soul if you could

She want it so bad, she'd sell her soul if she could
And she wants it, so bad

She got it
Now she don't need it
She got she wanted, but she don't want it no more
She got she wanted, but she don't want it no more
She got she wanted, now they don't need it no more
She got it, so bad