"Mr. Big Man" lyrics - THE KINKS

"Mr. Big Man"

I remember when you started out,
You were the best friend I ever knew.
I tried to meet you when you had your success,
But you had better things to do.
Now I bet that you're losin' count
Of the people that you used.
But now we're gonna see the vicious side of you,

Mister Big.
You've got the say and the power.
Your minions grovel and cower.
But I see you, and I see me.
But you're the big man now.
You got it, Mister Big.
Your followers kiss your hand,
And your slaves all at your feet.
Your minions serve your beck and call,
But they don't compensate at all,
'Cause inside, Mister Big's very small.

When you were poor and knockin' at the door,
You were really lots of fun.
But now you're hot and you're sittin' on the top;
You've got no time for anyone.
You schemed and connived.
You pushed and you lied,
Till you at last became a star.
But now we're gonna see the way you really are,

Mister Big.
Now your vict'ry is complete
And your battles are all won.
Your enemies and foes are all stacked up in rows,
Eliminated one by one.
You got it, Mister Big.