"Only A Dream" lyrics - THE KINKS

"Only A Dream"

Standing by the elevator
Feeling gloomy and down
Waiting for the flashing light
To lift me up from the ground
Then the elevator opened
And I saw her standing there
She had to be a young executive
She looked so corporate and clean
And I thought I'd seen her somewhere before
On the cover of a magazine
I didn't think she'd even look at me
Or bother to glance my way
But she actually smiled at me and said
Hi-ya handsome, have a good day

I must be dreaming if she looks at me
I gotta be dreaming, is it a fantasy
Now I've got positive emotions
Buzzing 'round every molecule in me
I gotta be dreaming, is it reality
But over and over I live that memory
Was it real or only a dream
La la la la

Was it my imagination playing tricks on me
When she looked my way
Maybe she took me for somebody else
Whatever it was, it made my day, hey hey

I wake up in the morning
Smiling with anticipation
Suddenly I feel alive
Face the world with expectation
I must be dreaming this world is a better place
Was my imagination playing tricks on me
Was it real or only a dream?
I see a great big sunset
Where only clouds used to be
Was it all an illusion, is it fantasy
If it's just a dream
It's good enough for me, yeah yeah

Waiting by the elevator
Feeling optimistic and keen
Waiting for my executive goddess
To appear as if in a dream
Then the elevator opened
She was talking to another guy
And I tried to say hello to her
But I failed to even catch her eye
Then everybody crowded inside
And I sadly stood my ground
Thinking life's just like that elevator
It takes you up and brings you down


Was it only an illusion
Was it real or only a dream