"Big Verb" lyrics - THE MAYFIELD FOUR

"Big Verb"

She tries to find the weak spot
To her I'm not a
Criminal she appeals
And wants the sentence reduced
Now I need to restrain
Don't want to give in
Let me pay for the
Crimes I've committed

Everything is caving in
From the weight of her world
My self-effacing
Fortress is too weak
To withstand the self-assured
Just get out while you can
He'll take it away
Once it's gone you'll understand
(Will you please)

Save her from myself
Don't want to hurt anybody else
So I build my castle high
Warning you to stay away

The war I think it's over
But nobody really won
As I stumble though the rubble
Then I see what kept
Her from getting in
A wary heart
And the thickest of skin