"Dandruff" lyrics - THE MONKEES


"supernatural? perhaps"

"change one tape and the entire process is re-geared
Leisure - the inevitable by-product of our civilization"

"the tragedy of your times, my young friends,
Is that you may get exactly what you want"

"out!" "oh"
"out, get out of here!" "why? what's going on?"
"move it! out!" "oh, hello officers, i'm certainly glad that..."
"shut up! ok, weirdos"

"alright, fellows, would you come forward please?" "who's that?"
"alright, now, jump up and down a little bit
Huh, fellows, get lost in it?" "jump up in this? what is this?"
"there you go, very good
Look, you're supposed to be dandruff, fellows
Would you work at it, please?" "dandruff?"
"jump up and down a little bit?" "dandruff?"
(dandruff dandruff dandruff)
"good, that's better"