"I Go Ape" lyrics - THE MONKEES

"I Go Ape"

I go ape every time I see you smile
I'm a ding dong gorilla and I'll carry you cave man style
I'm gonna bop you on the head and love you all the while

Well, I'm a monkey's uncle and a cousin to a chimpanzee
I was a-reelin' and a-rockin' and a-swingin' from a coconut tree
Oh, honey don't you see, you bring out the monkey business in me

"I don't believe it!"

Honey don't you know I'm gonna be true to you
I'll keep you in bananas, and bring you coconuts too
And we'll settle down in the nearest county zoo

Oh, ranga tanga ting tong, I'm related to an old King Kong
Don't you say you're mine, with the honky-tonky monkey shine
When you hold my hand I'm a pre-historic man
Ha ha ha ha ha, I go ape!