"Baby, When Your Heart Breaks Down" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Baby, When Your Heart Breaks Down"

Baby when your heart breaks down
When you're low on lovin' and there isn't anybody around
Well you're gonna feel bad and you'll want to get back
The only good thing that you ever had
Honey when he turns you loose
And you keep on tryin' to forget him but it ain't no use
Then you're gonna know what I'm feeling now
Baby when your heart breaks down

I left Appaloosa and my homemade wine I give up a job on a gas pipeline
I chased you across the country like that's all I had to do
There was nothing in the world would've changed my mind
You were the girl with the starry eyes
And all them dreams that never had a chance of coming true

Well I packed my bags, I bought a guitar
I caught me a ride on an old grain barge
I'm floatin' down this river tryin' not to think of you
Now one of these days when I say goodbye
Just to see how hard you'll cry, you'll be tryin' not to want me too