"Don't Be Late" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Don't Be Late"

Mama's apron's hangin' in the kitchen on a nail
Papa's old plow out in the barn by the bale
I see brother swingin' on the garden gate
Mama's callin' come and get it
Don't be late

Don't be late don't be late
When you finally make your mind up don't be late
'Cause they're wait there for you mom and dad and brother too
If you love 'em go and show 'em
Don't be late

'42 Ford out in the yard in the rust
All my childhood memories turn to dust
Family Bible pages fadin' away
We all got?[?]? go back home someday

Standing here looking back at the place again
Headin' down that lonesome road again
Mom and Daddy now buried on the hill
Tears can't wash away the sorrow that I feel