"Holdin' On To You" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Holdin' On To You"
(Dennis Linde / Alan Rush)

I've been the fool and I've been the clown
But you could always see right through
That good old boy
Good for a laugh or two.

I tried my best to make the change
Some dreamers never do
But it don't matter at all
If I'm still holding on to you.

Holding on to you, holding on to you
I'll let the rest slip by me
If I'm still holding on to you.
Yeah, Baby.

We've had some plans and some crazy schemes
But nothing ever turned out right
Except for one that we made
Long ago on a summer night.
I still remember.

Who would have thought that we'd still be together
After all that we've been through.
You still believe in me
And I'm still holding on to you.
Holding, holding.

Sometimes it ain't easy
Because I love you, I'm holding on to you
They said we couldn't make it
We're still together 'cause I'm holding on to you, yeah