"I'll Be Welcome Over There" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"I'll Be Welcome Over There"

Let not your heart be greatly troubled
Said Jesus err He went away
I will prepare a home up yonder
But I'll return for you someday

This home is for all those who trust Him
A mansion bright with Him I'll share
Be ready when the call is sounded
For you are welcome over there

I do not know the high, the mighty,
The rich, the great of royalty
I'm not enrolled with Earth's 400
The social set does not know me
But I am not at all discouraged
A round of applause I do not share
A royal home for me is waiting
And I'll be welcome over there

Oh I'll be welcome in that city
With streets of gold so rich and rare
I'll see the King in all His Glory
And I'll be welcome over there