"Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho"

Joshua fit the battle of Jericho, (yeah) Jericho, (yeah) Jericho
Joshua fit the battle of Jericho
And the walls came a-tumblin' down

Well good mornin' sister Mary
Good morning brother John
Well let me tell you 'bout the story of Joshua
He was the son of Nun

Well they say ol' Joshua's spear
Was better than five feet long
And upon his hip was a double edged sword
And his mouth was a gospel song

Well up to the walls of Jericho he marched with his spear in hand
"Go blow those trumpets!" Joshua cried
"'Cause the battle is in my hands!"

Then the lamb ram sheep horns began to blow
And trumpets began to sound
Ol' Joshua commanded the children to shout
And the walls come tumblin' down