"Last Train To Glory" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Last Train To Glory"
(A.P. Carter)

It came last night as I was sleeping
A train like no other I have seen
From the way I woke up cold and scared and shakin'
I know that it wasn't just a dream

It came flying through a cloudy silver lining
Riding on a shiny rail of gold
With the sound of a thousand voices singing
Warming me through my heavy soul

Get on board it's the last train to glory
Ride the golden rail of the Lord
Lay your burdens down, get on board

Out came the hand of the conductor
Then I once handed out a dime
Come on, you don't need to buy a ticket
You've been payin' such a long long time
Just ride the same way you've been livin'
Just turn around and help the next one on
You're here because you know the gift of givin'
And no one makes it on this train alone