"Peterbilt Sleigh" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Peterbilt Sleigh"
(Philip Douglas / Ron Harbin / Richie McDonald)

It was the 24th of December in a Pilot travel center
I heard someone say anyone around here work on sleighs
I was headin' back home empty when this crazy idea hit me
I said Santa we can use my truck so Christmas won't be late

Now Santa's ridin' shotgun, Rudolph's in the middle
Had to get a lot done, visit every little boy and girl in this big ol' world
We were doin' 90 miles an hour when I hit my last gear
Then we shifted to the power of a red nosed reindeer
Eighteen wheels in the sky, air born overdrive
We gave three point one billion toys away
In a Peterbilt sleigh

He jumped out and down a chimney, then popped right back out a-grinnin'
Milk drippin' from his moustache and cookie crumbs in his beard
He'd do a little ho-ho-hoin' and say let's get this big rig rollin'
We'd blast off like a rocket while I was hangin' on for life so dear
Sorry Rudolph

Just when I thought we pulled the last toy out of that truck
Santa did a little dance, winked and grinned
And magically it filled back up