"Sanctified" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS


My mama told me when I was a baby child
I don't want you on the streets at night running wild
For the people of the night can turn your head aside
And lead you from the fold of the sanctified

Sanctified in soul and spirit
Sanctified within your mind
You'll find life within the darkness
If you're living sanctified

Without my really knowing time just slipped away
And the wages of my life left me with debts to pay
For I found that you must have love to keep you satisfied
But the love I found was not the kind that sanctified

Well it's many years I've wandered since I left my home
And it's many roads I've traveled lost and all alone
But I've found that the way I'm taking is just a one-way ride
And the sinners of the world are never sanctified