"We Gotta Love One Another" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"We Gotta Love One Another"

Everybody knows this world is in bad shape
People should be lovin' but instead they hate
But if we could pause sometimes along the way
And remember the words that the Good Book said

It would make you love one another
Come on everybody shine your love light
If we love one another
This world's gonna be all right

Don't be hand to hand if you have money all the time
Today you may have a lot of money, yeah
Tomorrow you don't have a dime
Try to make a few friends everywhere you go
Instead of hatin' you oughta let them know

With hate in your heart I know you don't feel right
We are to bend our knees and say a little prayer each night
I'm advising you, the same goes for me too
You'd be surprised what a simple prayer can do