"Whiskey Lady" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Whiskey Lady"
(Glenn Ashworth / Gregg Owen / Dana Sigmon / Jacky Watts)

Sitting in the same old bar room
Staring at the same old faces
Hoping for someone new to do you right
Someone to be your lover
Not just another one night stand
A brand new face to take the place
Of the bottle in your hand

Whiskey lady
You ain't gonna find what you're looking for
In the bottom of an empty bottle, no
Or the motel down the road

You know there's nothing funny
'Bout waking up Monday morning yeah
When the pain inside your head's the same
As the hurt that fills your heart.
O give her your understanding
She needs to know that she's not alone
If the woman she was walked out that door
Let the girl she is go home

Whiskey lady when you wake up
In the morning with no make-up
And the night before
Comes crashing down around you
And the feeling that it gave you
Like the man who lay beside you
Is gone and you're as empty as
The bottle by the bed