"Help (Somebody Please)" lyrics - THE O'JAYS

"Help (Somebody Please)"

I'm lost; Girl done gone and left me broke
When you're broke
How low can you go?

Ahhh, I'm down, aww, and I feel
All the way down, all the way down

Aint had no good lovin'

Lovin little girl
In quite a long time, quite a long time
And you see, and you see
Girl it's a fight, honey don't you know?
I need you tonight

I'm hooked on your lovin'
C'mon, c'mon and fix me up. Aww, baby
I need somebody to fill this empty cup
I'm stuck out in nowhere
Nowhere, Nowhere
And nowhere in love just can't be fair
Aww, baby, I'm so tired of the squeeze
Girl, ohh, please I'm down on my knees
And I'm prayin' help

Ohh, Baby, somebody, please
Ah, girl, could you help me
To get back on my feet
If you could would you help
Somebody please
Ah, girl It's tough
Woman don't you?
I need that stuff

I need somebody to come around to sit
And chat a while, hey, let's talk a while well, well
If I, If I only had a friend, a friend
One friend. It sho nuff would be nice, so nice
But I'm tired of the squeeze
Somebody please, I'm down on my knees
And I'm cryin: Help!

Help! Somebody please, somebody, somebody: help me
To get back on my feet
I mean! Help! Help! somebody, please
I say girl, it's rough, woman don't you
I need that stuff: good, sweet love, love lovin' you

Help! - Somebody please
I'm cryin!
Girl cmon and. I just need you
Help me to get back on my feet
I just need ya' to get back on my feet
If you could, if you could, could ya help me?