"Are You Up There?" lyrics - THE OSMONDS

"Are You Up There?"

It could all end tomorrow where would I be
Does life go on or will it be the end of me
Seems a bit unfair to think that all I've learned and done
Belongs to no one

Why should I cherish living if there's no so called plan
Why, I would have no future if it were left to man
I can't believe that we just happened and don't know what for
There must be more

Why should I trust in a love that I can't have forever
Does it seem right to live a game of take away
Should I want for children if there isn't anymore for them to live for
Maybe I'm a pessimist, then maybe I'm not
One thing that I like to know is what I got
I don't want a miracle or see you in the air

But are you up there
Are you everywhere
Do you really care
Are you up there,
Are you up there,
Are you up there