"One Out Of Many" lyrics - THE POP GROUP

"One Out Of Many"

Selfish desires are burning like fire among those who horde the gold
As they continue to keep the people asleep and the truth from being told
Racism and greed keep the people in need from getting what's rightfully theirs
Cheating, stealing, and double dealing as they exploit the people's fears

And for a few dollars more they'd start a war to exploit some brother's mother
Then there's the pyramid that stands by itself, created by Black people's knowledge and wealth
And over the pyramid hands the Devil's eye

And tells how they fooled the people into thinking paper money was real
Now thesaur means treasuries, where they store the gold they stole
And Amer means to punish like the slaves they bought and sold
Then septent means seven, like 1776
When the thirteen devils gathered to unleash their bag of tricks
Then sigil means the images they've created to fool the world
Like the colors on Old Glory, the flag that they unfurled
Now red's for the color of the Indian man
White's for the devils who stole the land
Blue's for the eyes that hypnotized with the tricks and traps they've sprung
And even to this very same day they all speak with forked tongue
And so the power's in the hands of the ruling classes playing God with the fate of all the masses
So the people don't get any in the land of the plenty 'cause e pluribus unum means one out of many