"Out In The Night" lyrics - THE PRETTY THINGS

"Out In The Night"
(Dick Taylor)

Out in the night it seems so cold
Without you baby
When you're not in sight my heart don't beat
Without you baby

Every night I cry myself to sleep
Though people may say, a man can't weep
But I can yeah
Without you baby yeah

I never felt the hand of love, before yer baby
I never knelt ashamed of myself, before yer baby

It seems like illusion that a people could cry
But now I know, I found the reason why
'Cause I cry yeah
Without you baby yeah

The hands of the clock are moving so slow
'Cause you're not around
And each of the chimes
Is such a, such a heartbreaking sound yeah

Sun filled my days
Remember when I was with yer baby
None could have taken that warmth away
When I was with yer baby

Now life will be hard no sun in my sky
I may get along, lord knows I'll try
But I can yeah, without you baby yeah
Without you now
Without you babe, yeah
Without you, yeah
Without you
Without you
Without you babe
Without you
I need it bad
I need it bad
Need it bad
Need it bad
Need it bad
Without you
I want you real bad
Want you bad
I want you bad