"It's Easier To Cry" lyrics - THE SHANGRI-LAS

"It's Easier To Cry"
(J.J. Jackson, Joe De Angelis, Robert Steinberg)

They said forget about him,
You're better off without him,
Go out and find yourself another guy
But I love him so, I can't forget him
No, No, Its easier to cry

(Ooohhh)They say stop thinking bout him,
(Ooohhh) You really didn't love him,
He was just something you had to try.
But I miss him so, I can't forget him
No, No it's easier to cry.

Ahhh Ahhh, Ahhh Ahhh

They say no use in crying,
A girls got to keep on trying,
But if he doesn't come back,
I'll just die.
'Cause I need him so, I can't forget him,

No, No, it's easier to cry
Much easier to cry
Easier to cry... can't forget him