"Look Away" lyrics - THE SHIRELLES

"Look Away"

(Look away, look away, look away, look away)
Turn your head and walk on (don't stop) when you see me alone
Don't you bother to say "Good day"
'Cause I do believe I'm makin' out OK
Don't stare at the tears in my eyes
Don't you think that I've got a ridin' sigh
(Look away, look away) when you do me
(Look away, look away) 'cause I just like to be

Turn your head & do some (can't you see) that I'm tryin' to be strong
Don't you look at me like that
Don't you know that you're bringin' all the mem'ries back
This far I do my friends so well
But when you look in my eyes, I'm gonna mope and die
(Look away, look away) when you bump into me
(Look away, look away) just pretend you don't see me

Nobody knows it but you
So keep it a secret; they treat us cruel
If my friends were as cold as ice
It'd all be my friends', not my price
(Look away, look away) don't you look at me
(Look away, look away) you'd better let me be
Don't let me know what, what buddy's up for you
You're a fool, you're broken in two
(Look away, look away) keep on walkin'
(Look away, look away) just start to talkin'
(Look away, look away)