"Bad, Bad Weather (Till You Come Home)" lyrics - THE SPINNERS

"Bad, Bad Weather (Till You Come Home)"
(Lawrence Brown / George Gordy / Allen Story)

(Ah... yeah)
Hmm... hmm

Since you've been gone my voice sounds like thunder
My friends say I seem like a cloudy day (Like a cloudy day, yeah)
All I need is a stroke of lightnin' to make my frame a little more frightenin'
And I'll be bad, bad weather till you come home, oh

I'm gonna be bad weather
Till you come home, oh, yes, I will, baby
I'm gonna be thunder and lightnin'
Till you come home, oh, yeah

Now my little room reminds me of London town
When the evening sun goes down
Honey, it's cold and misty, and oh, so foggy
And it's hard to find my way around

And if I should stumble upon something that belongs to you
I become confused inside and I don't know what to do

I'm gonna be bad weather, oh, baby
Till you come home, baby, oh, yes, I will
I'm gonna be misty morning, oh, yeah
Till you come home, and, oh, yeah, baby

There's a tornado inside of me
Adding to all of my misery
Girl, are you tryin' to destroy me
If so, let me know to prepare for much more

Of this bad weather
Till you come home, oh, yeah, baby
It's gonna be thunder and lightin'
Till you come home, yeah, yeah

It's gonna be, oh, baby
Till you get here, baby
Oh, it's gonna be bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad weather
Till you come home, baby