"We Should Be Closer Together" lyrics - THE SUPREMES

"We Should Be Closer Together"

You, you are here and so am I
We must try, we must try, we must try
To recapture days gone by

Something here in this room
All alone with you next to me
The silence is so strong
I'll clear your mind, begging to be free
I no long going through changes
Hopefully for the better
What stop, not progress
We should be closer together, you know that I care

We should be closer together
But if you want to go, I care for you
Just remember what I told you
Should you stay?
Love will find a way

Like are you
You're holding me, but not with your heart
I'll reach out to touch you
I just want to feel you, knowing we're worlds apart
But, baby, if love minus the world
Our dreams will never, never shatter
Find yourself and you'll find me
We'll be closer together


Ooh baby, we should be closer together
Closer together
Ooh baby, baby, we should be closer, closer
Closer together, yea
Ooh baby, we should be closer
Closer together
Ooh baby, we gotta be closer, closer
Closer together
Ooh baby, baby, baby, we gotta be close
Ooh! Closer together, yeah
Ooh baby, ooh baby, ooh baby, ooh
Closer together, yeah
Closer, closer, we gotta be
I trust in you
Closer together