"Sweet Inspiration" lyrics - THE SWEET INSPIRATIONS

"Sweet Inspiration"

I need your sweet inspiration
I need you here on my mind every hour of the day
Without your sweet inspiration
The lonely hours of the night just don't go my way

A woman in love needs sweet inspiration
And honey that's all I ask, you know, that's all I ask from you
I gotta have your sweet inspiration
You know there's just ain't no telling what a satisfied woman might do

When you call me, baby, baby
It's such a sweet inspiration
The way you call me darlin', darlin', darlin'
Sets my heart to skating
And if I'm out in the rain, baby
And in a bad situation
You know I just reach back in my mind
And then I find your sweet inspiration

Sweet inspiration oh what a power
And I've got the power every hour of the day
I need your sweet inspiration, yeah
To go on livin' to keep on givin' this way

Sweet, sweet inspiration
Sweet, sweet inspiration