"Infected" lyrics - THE THE


I've got too much energy to switch off my mind,
But not enough to get myself organized.
My heart is heavy-my head is confused,
And my aching little soul-has started burning blue!

I can't give you up, till I've got more than enough.
So infect me with your love-
Nurse me into sickness. Nurse me back to health.
Endow me with the gifts-of the man made world.

When desire becomes an illness instead of a joy,
And guilt a necessity that's gotta be destroyed.


Take me by the hands and walk me to the end of the pier.
Run your fingers through my hair,
And tell me what I wanna hear-
Will lies become truths in this face of fading youth
From my scrotum to your womb, -your cradle to my tomb.


Nurse me into sickness, nurse me back to health
And tell me what it is that I want in this world!!