"The Violence Of Truth" lyrics - THE THE

"The Violence Of Truth"

What is evil?
What is love?
What is the force that possesses us?
Where is the beauty?
Where is the truth?
Where is the force that watches over you?

What is it that makes us ashamed to be white?
(When we close our ears to the sound of machine gun)

And while the niggers of this world are starving
With their mouths wide open
What is it that turns the coins we throw at them
Into worthless little tokens?

Why is it that anything on this earth we do not understand
We are pushed onto our knees to worship or to damn?

Those are the rules of religion
Those are the laws of the land
That's how the forces of darkness have suppressed the spirit of man

That's why human beings still walk on all fours
Whilst in the presence of their so called superiors

Something's telling you to wake up and salute
The dangers of obedience and the violence of truth

God is evil
God is love
God is the force that possesses us
God is beauty
God is truth
God is the force that is watching over you